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Course 2

The students who participated in the second phase of the course, were from NTTF and Srishti. The projects chosen were the rainwater harvesting system, the energy efficient biomass choolha, the household composting unit and a new project, an air filtering system for helmets. This time around, the process was more intense, and the stress laid on the "real-ness" of the project was a driving factor in the whole process. Each individual project went through the process of listening to the voices of the stakeholders involved in the innovation, marketing, and usage of the product, thus continually re-iterating its form, function, and position, in context. This also involved talking to some "experts" in the field who raised interesting questions, and provided different perspectives to our approach. It also involved a process of prototyping, where the product and sub products were made and tested, and reviewed by prospective customers at various stages. This mode of evolution, still in progress, is an interesting learning process, and an eye-opener to the cycle of "products" that seems to be in abundance in the market today.
This course is an ongoing one.
Two related papers written by participants of the course, have published on the Thinkcycle website.

Mr. Umakant Soni
Mr. Salem Ahmed
Mr. Vishwanath
Prof. Achuta Rao
Mrs. Poonam Bir Kasturi








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