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Supporting co-sponsor:
MIT Alliance for Global Sustainability
Organised by:
Srishti School of Art and Design,

In cooperation with:
Indian Institute of Science, MIT Media Lab, ICSID, Concept Labs, ThinkCycle, Digital Nations, ACM SIGCHI & Infosys
Lead sponsor:
Medi Lab Asia's home site
  Infosys Technologies,
Electronic City, Hosur Road,
Bangalore, India
1 and 2 December 2002
The 2nd International Conference on Open Collaborative Design for Sustainable Innovation
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Srishti announces the 2nd International
“Development by Design” conference in
Bangalore on the 1st and 2nd December,


For whom
“dyd02” seeks to establish critical dialogue towards open collaboration in sustainable and appropriate technology, design and development. We invite perspectives from academia, nonprofit organisations, industry, and independent innovators.

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We hope to examine issues of innovation and collaboration in the context of control and culture in order to arrive at directions that are coherent and meaningful for development – urban and rural.

This conference will showcase innovative ideas and successful projects in design, change and technology and through a critical examination of these concepts engage in dialogues that will result in the further development of these ideas.

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Get involved!
In order to participate you may:
• submit a 2 page position paper (deadline expired)
• submit a 5 to 10 page technical paper (deadline expired)
• volunteer to peer-review papers submitted (still open!)
• submit a poster or video abstract of your work or project (10-15 minutes) (deadline expired)
• submit a proposal for conducting a pre-conference workshop (deadline expired)
Call for papers

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Important Dates
• Submission of Full Papers (5-10 pages): October 7th - 15th, 2002 (expired)
• Submission of Short Position Papers (2 pages): October 25th, 2002 (expired)
• Pre-conference Workshops: November 30th, 2002 (Saturday)
• Conference sessions: December 1-2, 2002 (Sunday & Monday)

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Important Links
Sample papers & panels from dyd01
Peer review of papers

Information on Workshop Proposals

Program Committee
Feel free to consult with the organizers if you have any questions, and we look forward to your participation.

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